Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Basics of NIC , MAC and ARP - Complete tutorial!

Hello friends . I am posting this article just to make my readers familiar with some of the most basic yet misunderstood terms of Computer networks. I recently came across one of my blog followers who was having trouble with these terms . Not only he , in fact many of us face these problems . The issue is that we straight away jump into using tools and learn quickly from the various technical papers available over the net but we tend to forget the basics of networks and these three terms are used most frequently . I am starting with this basic article as I am trying to build a solid ground to explain my readers what exactly is ment my ARP flooding/ARP spoofing . This is the most deadly wiresless LAN hack currently in practice. There are plenty of tools available to launch the attack but we should understand the basics of networks so that we can understand the attack well and then apply relevant security measures. Later on I will post a tutorial on ARP spoofing using Cain and Abel.

The Basics :

You must be familiar with the term IP address( if you are not then you are on the wrong site buddy) . Just like your home has a mailing address in the same way computers or devices connected over the internet have a mailing address called the IP address . It can either be static or dynamic. In case its static then it will remain unchanged everytime you connect to a network and if its dynamic then a local DHCP server grants you a new IP address everytime you connect to internet.


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