Friday, July 22, 2011

Forum Auto Poster - Hack To Send Posts To An Unlimited Amount Of Forums

Previously i've posted "How to Enter and Browse any Forum Without Registering". In this article i'm going to show you a tool - MultiPoster, that can send posts to as many forums as your computer can handle! With a default setting of 25 forums per-core, your post can be sent to over 200 forums every minute on average! The faster your internet connection, the faster this program can go! These speeds can be easily achieved on a 1GHz Single-Core computer, while still only utilising an average of 15% CPU useage.

MultiPoster Features:
  • Send to an unlimited amount of forums.
  • Supports IPB, vBulletin and phpbb2.x/3.x
  • Send to as many forums as your internet connection can handle at the same time!
  • Que up to 10 posts to be sent one after another.
  • TAG Support + 10 Custom TAGs
  • Topic Icon Support
  • Lightning Fast
  • Tiny CPU Useage
  • Foreign Character Support
  • Forum Sorting
  • XXX Support
  • Supports All Major Forum Types
  • Many More Features!
How to use MultiPoster:

Actually the usage is very simple. At the top of the application you have three options, "Send Screen", "Add/Remove Forum(s)" and "Options".

The "Send Screen" section is where you write your post. You can select up to 10 posts to be sent one after another. Here you can also select TAGs and select forums by group.

In the "Add/Remove Forum(s)" section you can put the names and the number of forums where you want to publish your post. You can select the type of the forum and the encoding. You can also choose Group, Icons, Tags, Topic Icons, Regular Areas, Adult Areas, Template Notes and Online Template List.

And in the "Options" section you can configure the general settings of the application, like Send Wait Time, Threads Per Core, Delay Between Posts and Custom Tags.

I tryed MultiPoster on Windows 7 and it worked great. If you have any problems using this tool, let me know.


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