Friday, July 22, 2011

How To Hack PDF Passwords Online For Free

Want to know how to hack those damn locked, password protected PDF files? Here is simple and fast way to unlock those files in a easy and efficient manner.. And to add to the excitement its done online and its totally free. There are two great sites that will do the job for you:


Remove Passwords, Restrictions on PDF Files Online using Use this site to remove passwords and restrictions (such as printing, copying text, etc.) from PDFs.

This works for PDFs that you can open and read without any 3rd party plugins. PDFs that require a password to be viewed cannot be unlocked by this service.

This is because this is not cracking. Viewable PDFs with restrictions are not really protected, no more than a door with a broken lock, as opposed to password-protected PDFs.

2. Pdf-Crack.jsf

a) Visit pdf-crack.jsf

b) Upload the file and the unlocked version of the PDF without printing or copying and pasting restrictions will be displayed in a new browser window in your default PDF application. 

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