Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to Hack YouTube to Get More Subscribers

I found many users on YouTube that are making high quality videos, but they are not getting much subscribers because of the big competition. This tutorial will show all of you how to make it look like you have hundreds, thousands and even millions of subscribers!

Before we start you need:

1. Mozilla Firefox [Download]
2. Firebug [Download]

Once you have got those we can begin

1. You should see Firebug in the bottom right hand corner like so.
*Taken down, 10 photo limit.

2. Then go to your "YouTube" account and load your channel.

3. You should see some editing options at the top.

4. Click on "Themes and colors"

5. Then click show advanced options:

6. Right click on the Font choosier and look for "Inspect element"

7. You should see a menu.

8. Change where it says Value="Arial" to Value="Arial Black"

9. Now exit out of "Firebug" and on the Font choosier choose "Vendeta". Then your font should change.

10. Now choose "Arial" again and you should have Arial Black Font.

Now for the final steps:

11. Copy your channel description into the "About me" Box

12. Set this as your channel description:

Subscribers: 85,396
 (Change the number to whatever you want)

Now it will say you have 85,396 Subscribers.

I Recommend that you use "Tube Increaser" to increase your channel views (so it dosen't look retarded ;)

13. And your done!

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