Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Learn Everything About Phishing

I've been posting a lot about Phishing on this blog. Phishing is the most used method for hacking email accounts. This method is very understandable and easy to use. Many readers were able to get the trick or hack of Phishing and how to use Phishing to hack email account, but some readers were just not able to get out their problems. I have written an article "What is Phishing and How to Use It to Hack Email Account Passwords" where i answered some of the most commonly asked questions for Phishing. But even after this post i keep receiving comments where readers ask me more questions about phishing, so i decided to update the first post about phishing. Here i'm posting this article to answer your question and tell you more about phishing. Now if you are new into this i recommend you to read my first post "What is Phishing and How to Use It to Hack Email Account Passwords", and then continue with this one.

1. What is a phisher

Basically a phisher is a fake login page, that is made to look exactly like the real login page of the real website so as to fool somebody into entering their information and sending it to you.

2. How can I get somebody to login to my phisher?

That's for you to find out, use your mind. Probably the simplest way is Social Engineering and some phishing skill Here is an example :

3. How to use?
  1. Find a web host that supports php.
  2. Upload all of the files to your web hosting.
  3. Goto the link ( or whatever) and it should show the login if you uploaded it in the root directory. Send your victim the Index page.
  4. To get the passwords they enter goto, or whatever the name of your text file is.
  5. Remember to have the .txt file always on CHMOD 777 to enable it to be writtable.

4. Changing the log.txt or password.txt to something else

First rename your text file to what you want it, so nobody can guess it.
Then open the next.php (or may be named out.php) and edit the text that says passes.txt to whatever you named your text file.

5. How to hide links in forums?

If your trying to post it where html is allowed its:

If you are trying to post it on forms its:

6. Free Hosting for your phisers

* 110mb -
* Ripway -
* SuperFreeHost -
* Freehostia -
* Funpic -
* Freeweb7 -
* t35 -
* Awardspace -
* PHPNet -
* Free Web Hosting Pro -
* ProHosts -
* AtSpace -
* ByetHost -
* 000webhost -
* My5GB -
* Oxyhost -
* Rack111 -
* Ocostwebhost -
* FreeZoka -

7. Free Domain List

* .TK -
* .CJB.NET -
* .DOM.IR -
* .CO.CC -
* .CO.NR -
* .UNI.CC -
* .CA.GS -

8. Site to Phish at

9. URL Hiders 

10. Proxies if you get banned on forums for posting phisers

11. Interesting tools/sites - hacked a unverified paypal or something change the name no ideas see this

And Any Other Community Out there Basically. Its all about Mixing :D

I am NOT Responsible For ANYTHING You Do With This , I encourage you not to use any of this. It was only created for educational purposes and to demonstrate how web pages are vulnerable. PHISHERS ARE ILLEGAL.


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